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Pokémon GO Hack on How To Cover Big Distances Without Even Lifting a Finger


You can forget walking around for miles in order to advance in Pokémon GO, because we have found the perfect solution!

We bet you already know that Pokémon GO requires miles and miles of walking around. You have to walk around your house, your backyard; you can walk around the park and throughout the whole town, in order to find some new pokémon and to achieve your goals. One of these goals is hatching incubating eggs.

The nasty part is the fact that you can’t even use your car to increase your distance, because you need a form of slow transportation. So you must resort to walking or taking your bike for 2km, 5km or 10km for hatching eggs.

The most popular pokémon are found in the 2km eggs and the rarest of them all stay in the 10km ones. It’s pretty obvious that if you want to advance in the game you have to do a lot of walking.

We give you Rusty Cage’s hack, the coolest solution!

Rusty discovered something: if you place your phone on top of a record player and if you let it spin around, this trick will increase your walking distance without lifting a finger.

It’s not that walking is a bad thing for you, because on the contrary, it’s extremely healthy. But we still thought that it’s ok to share this little secret with you, just for the sake of it all.

Thousands of gamers have noticed the positive effect that this game has on their fitness levels and, surprisingly, even on their mental health. This is great for overweight people, as they are able to walk distances they haven’t walked before without even realizing it.

So, even if the hack we presented above is the coolest finding ever, we still advice gamers to play the old fashioned way and keep walking to increase their health levels.

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