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Android O Brings Upgraded Battery Life & Notification System


Google has announced that Android O comes with an improved battery life, a better Notification System and more.

Android O is the upgraded version of Android N and developers have already confirmed that it’s going to bring some major changes especially in the efficiency area. Check out some of the most important ones so far.

Better battery

It’s no news that Androids have a huge problem with the battery life, and you probably carry around a second battery. It seems that Android O is working intensively to fix this problem.  

Android O’s impressive new battery life has to do with Background Limits – a software upgrade especially created for improving the battery through app use. It works by reducing the use of apps running in the background and, as a result, the battery will last longer.

Software concerns

David Burke, Android’s VP of Engineering, says that the new software will bring a few changes. For instance, the apps’ functionality in the background has been limited in areas such as background services, implicit broadcasts and location updates.

There have been some concerns regarding the Background Limits and the impact it could have on apps; it seems that it’s possible that some apps will stop working properly, and app developers will have to take this into consideration when they’ll create future Android updates.

Upgraded Notification System

The new Notification System comes with an option that lets you organize notifications into app-defined channels or categories. This will offer users more control of their screens, and they’ll also be able to better see what’s up with each channel as there are some new visuals and grouping available. The new Notification System will categorize notifications into multiple similar-minded groups and you’ll be able to customize channels however you want.

Other announced features

  • PiP displays
  • Autofill APIs
  • Font resources in HML
  • Better connectivity
  • Adaptive icons
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Audi API for Pro Audio
  • Java 8 Language APIs
  • WebView improvements
  • Partner platform contributions

You can become a part of the testing process and all you have to do is download Android O on your phone. Remember that it might come with flaws, as the software is still unfinished.

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