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Android O Update Adds Substratum Support and New Improvements


There have been many changes taking place with Substratum in the recent months, but one of the most anticipated ones was the support for Android O. Last month we saw an update that revealed the developers were getting ready to add the support feature, but back then we didn’t know when were we going to receive it. Thankfully, yesterday we saw that the latest version of Substratum, which received the number 670, is now compatible with devices that run API level 26. In translation, this means that it works on devices that have installed Android O Developer Preview.

Developers Have Been Working on Other Updates

However, this update is not the only one we see in this new package, even though it’s the most important. We know that themers might want to test the new release with their own themes, and as such, users will need to wait a bit until they see the release of an updated version of their favorite themes. This is important because it has to work properly before getting launched. As such, all the API 26 modifications will be available after the final version of Android O hits the market.

Dynamic Refresh Mode & Binderfacer Support

Together with the new Android O support, the update brings a Dynamic Refresh Mode feature. Basically, this means that on installing a new theme on your device, the app automatically refreshes the list of themes. You don’t even have to swipe down in order to refresh it! Besides, the team also brings Binderfacer support, which refers to the Interfacer module, paired up with the Binder implementations.

Moreover, the last update includes a fix for theme authorization, plus a solution for the Substratum filter that gave errors: you just need to update to the latest version, plus reach version 7.0.5 of the template.

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