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Clash of Clans Things New Players Should Avoid for a Better Progress



Almost five years have passed since the Clash of Clans game has been released and it seems that there are still new players who are trying this game for the first time. While most of the avid Clash of Clash players are not waiting for the highly speculated shipyard update, others are trying to improve themselves in this game and understand it better.

One of the first tips that we will give you today is that if you are using the mass hog rider strategy, you should not deploy too many before the Queen and Clan Castle have dealt with already. At the same time, some of the troops should be spared to deal with corner huts.

To avoid committing a mistake over and over again during a Clash of Clans war raid, you can always check the previous attack via replay and see what you’ve done wrong. This will make sure that you will identify the position of bombs, Tesla and traps, in order to avoid them.

If you have some issues in achieving three stars during a raid, it would be better to just not attack a village that has a higher base than you for the second wave. At the same time, it will be wise to level up your village and size it up with your opponent before attacking him (even if he is 2-3 levels higher than you).

For example, when you will try to attack a village that has a Town Hall level 11, it will be quite hard to get three stars, because the opponent will probably use “Eagle Artillery,” which will destroy your troops quite fast.

At the same time, it is better to practice before attacking someone and this is where Clans come in handy, because you are able to train with your Clan mates and figure out what’s the best strategy while attacking a village that has a higher Town Hall level than yours.

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