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GTA 6 to Feature New Female Protagonist and Improved Gaming


Everybody knows that Grand Theft Auto 5 has had a huge success, and now fans are anxious to see the release of the following installment, GTA 6. Despite the growing enthusiasm for this game, some recent reports have shown that the release will not take place until 2020.

Grand Theft Auto History

Ever since the release of the GTA 5 game a couple of years ago, people saw it as one of the most successful games. Up until now, the game is still extremely popular among serious gamers, perhaps because of the outstanding gaming experience. Because of the adrenaline rush and the enchantment, the game sold over 75 million copies since its release back in 2013.

What Should We Expect Now?

It’s been four years since the release of the GTA 5, and now we are only expecting the release of GTA 6 like the second coming of Jesus. According to the rumors, we will see the game along with the release of the next generation consoles produced by Sony and Microsoft.

One of the possible release date that is speculated is sometime in 2020, since presumably then we will get the Xbox Two and the PlayStation 5. At the same time, Rockstar Games is working on other titles too, such as Red Dead Redemption 2, which should be arriving this fall.

Exciting Rumors about the Game

From the speculations, we gathered that the game will be featuring a female protagonist, which is a first in the history of the franchise. There were some other speculations too, saying that the famous actress Eva Mendes would lend her voice to the female protagonist. Regarding the setting, there are several theories claiming that this sequel will leave the US at least, with most rumors pointing towards London.

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