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iOS 10 Jailbreak BETA Update Available Soon


We might have some good news for the users who like to jailbreak their iDevices. According to some new reports, the iOS 10 jailbreak BETA version might be released in the near future.

We have to mention that Apple has recently released many new updates for its iOS 10 and made a really hard time for the hackers to crack this operating system. However, Pangu and TaiG hacker groups have not confirmed that they will release a jailbreak for the iOS 10 yet, which means that these rumors might prove to be hoaxes.

For now, the only hope is from Yalu102, who has posted back on April 14, 2017 an image of the Yalu102 app form. At the same time, the team has apologized for the delay on their Twitter official web page and they’ve mentioned that they are currently working on a jailbreak for the iOS 10.2.1.

We remind you that last month, Yalu102, who is also working with Todesco, has created a poll where he asked the followers to choose between computer or iPhone browsers to jailbreak the iOS 10. It seems that the 70% of the voters preferred the browser download.

Unfortunately, we know very well that Apple has managed to release a very secure iOS 10 version and the hacker groups have been struggling to hack it since September 2016, without any success. At the same time, the Cupertino-based company is now working on a strong encryption with APFS that will protect its iOS 10.3 even better than the previous versions.

However, there are also reports which say that Pangu and TaiG are not telling their fans anything yet because they don’t want to make waves and give hints to Apple about how they will jailbreak the iOS 10. In other words, the two hacker groups might surprise us once the iOS 10.3 will be released for the public.

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