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Apple Has Announced Three iPhone Models With Innovative Features


The last year iPhone 7 Plus model brought 1 GB extra space in comparison with the smaller smartphone. This gave many users the boost they needed to spend more money for the larger handset. Even so, from what it seems until now, things are not going to be the same for the future iPhone 8. As such, Apple will have to come up with new ways to bring exclusive upgrades on the phone, since according to an analyst, all the three iPhone models announced for 2017 are going to bring 3 GB RAM.

New iPhone Features

There have been lots of (conflicting) rumors about the hardware specs of all the iPhones that will be revealed in September. One of the most important rumors is, according to TrendForce, the one saying that only the iPhone 8 (with a 5.8 inches screen) will offer 3 GB RAM, while the other two models will offer 2 GB. However, Timothy Arcuri, who is an analyst at the Cowen and Company, says that all three models will have 3 GB RAM.

For quite a long time now, Apple has been offering chargers that have a low amperage feature, as opposed to their rivals. Of course, you can always get a high-amperage power brick or one of the multiple-port chargers, but truth is that it’s quite a satisfaction to have bundled accessories.

From what we know, all three iPhones should include Lightning ports that support Type-C USB. This means that they will receive more current in a shorter time, so that you won’t waste time, not even on the devices you plug into the wall. Generally people seem excited about the possibility that these devices will have more RAM. After all, it seems nice to offer the same amount of memory to all three models and not just one.

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