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Samsung Gear 360 2017 vs. Samsung Gear 360 2016 – Make The Best Choice


As you may have noticed by now, Samsung is up to big things this year. After announcing the much-expected Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, the Korean tech giant moved on to also announce a fresh new 2017 model of its Samsung Gear 360 camera. There is a very notable difference that can be observed between the new camera and last year’s model even at first glance.

We’re talking about the fact that, while the Gear 360 2016  came with processor and battery built in right between the lenses, allowing for it to be mounted anywhere, the new Gear 360 can be mounted like all other 360 cameras available on the market currently. Critics have already expressed disappointment in the new model losing its edge, but does it bring enough new features so that we can forgive Samsung for this? Keep reading to find out.

Brand New Features

The new Samsung Gear 360 comes with three fresh features that upped the tiny camera’s game considerably. We’re talking about looping video, little planet and landscape HDR.

  • Looping Video. When your microSD is full, this new filming mode allows for recordings to be filmed over each other. This puts an end to storage space-related worries, because the camera will automatically do so until you tell it otherwise.
  • Little Planet. While any 360-degree photo can be turned into a Little Planet, the new Samsung Gear 360 will let you preview the Little Planet mode prior to taking the photo, as well as adjust sizing and proportions to your taste. We’re very sure that this will create some amazing photos that you and your friends will love.
  • Landscape HDR. This mode works by capturing the same image at various exposures and then stacks them onto each other. In this way, your photos will have a better dynamic range, especially if we’re talking about sunrise or sunset photography.

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