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Huawei Mate 9 Gets Android O – Details, Features and Testing


It’s been less than a month already since the tech giant Google has released a developer preview for the new Android O. However, we already know a thing or two about it. Up until now, we got a reminder that the release targets developers only, so probably you shouldn’t play around with it if you’re not a developer. We also found out that Google is partnering with Sony in order to include Hi-Res audio tech for the Android O, plus FUSE will be replaced with SDCardFS.

Android O Features

Most of the probable Android O features have been confirmed, since lots of apps are getting updates that include the new OS, such as LastPass and 1Password. Regarding the devices that are going to be upgraded to Android O, we have no information about this for now, with the exception of the Huawei Mate 9.

An anonymous XDA member has shared with the entire developer community that the famous Taiwan giant has already started the internal tests for the smartphone. We know that the Pixel and Nexus smartphones are currently under tests for receiving the upcoming Android version, but besides these, Huawei Mate 9 is the first one that will be preparing for the great update.

Of course, this may indeed be true, and Huawei seems to be quite anxious to get things done, since the EMUI was updated as a preparation for Android O. For this we have the image that was shared among the XDA community.

Naturally, there are few details, but the build should be pre-rooted. However, it is said to come with Wi-Fi and Google Play Store that do not function though. Of course, at this point it is incomplete, so there are lots of things to be done, tested and changed until the final version.

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