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Apple’s New Clips App 10 Useful Tricks You Should Know for Maximum Fun


Apple released a new juicy video editing app called Clips full of stickers, emoji and filters.

Clips is a video-oriented app that is practically a mixture of iMovie’s editing prowess and the cool aspect of Snapchat. Here are the best tips and tricks you need to know in order to enjoy as much fancy stuff as possible.

  1. Square videos

In Clips, you can only record square videos, but you can take pics or record videos outside the app and then import them.

  1. Display/tools
  • The top of the display features 6 buttons – 6 cool tools for creating/editing videos.
  • In the top-left corner, you have the down arrow – it reveals recently clips or the ones that you’re working on.
  • At the top of the screen, you have 4 buttons. Left to right: live titles, filters, stickers & emoji and animated posters.
  • You can see a music note in the far-right corner for preloaded music soundtracks.
  • You can find Photo, Video and Library below the viewfinder.
  • To the left of the shutter button you can find a mic to mute audio and a camera button for switching between cameras.
  1. Transcribed captions

Live Title stands for captions, but instead of hand-typed one, you’ll be able to use your voice. This feature needs an active Internet connection to work.

  1. Stickers, filters and emoji

You can place them on photos and videos and you can also adjust their size and position.

  1. Animated posters

There are 12 posters you can add to a clip; you just have to double-tap on their text in order to edit it.

  1. Soundtrack

In the soundtrack section of your app, you’ll find a list of songs and most of them have to be downloaded before adding them to your videos.

  1. Setting duration of a still photo

Taking a photo in this app requires two things: taking the photo, and holding the red button titled “Hold to add this photo”. Hold that button for as long as you want the photo to be shown in your video along with an audio recording.

  1. Pinch for zooming

On both photos and videos you can pinch to zoom in and out on a portion of the item.

  1. Rearranging and deleting

Tap and hold your clip’s thumbnail at the bottom and drag it to the desired location; drag it up and let go if you want to delete it.

  1. Sharing

Once you’ve managed to create a clip, share it by tapping the standard iOS share button.

Try all of these tips and tricks in your new Clips app and have lots of fun!

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