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Age of Empires Castle Siege Update Available for Android devices


Age of Empires has been real success on the PC platform, but it seems that it now comes to Android OS also. We remind you that this title has been released for Windows Phone and Windows back in 2014 and one year later it also arrived for the iOS.

We have to mention that Age of Empires: Castle Siege is a free to play medieval massively multiplayer online tower defense game, which was released in the form of a Windows App that was designed for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. The game was developed by Microsoft Studios and Smoking Gun Interactive, and it was introduced back in August 2014.

The gameplay for Age of Empires: Castle Siege is almost similar than on Clash of Clans. For example, like on the popular game developed by Supercell, you will need to build your empire (village on CoC) in order to protect it from enemies. You can also train troops, which you can command them into the battle to destroy your enemy.

The game is quite interesting as you will also be able to choose one of the several civilizations such as Teutons, Kievan Rus or Britons, upon which you can start building the defenses.

Since this is a game developed by Microsoft, the company has made sure to allow you to sign in to the game via your Xbox Live account, which will allow you to continue playing from where you left across iOS, Windows and Android OS.

In Age of Empires you will be able to research technology and likewise Clash of Clans it is very time consuming. You will also be able to see well-known heroes from history such as Richard the Lionheart, Joan of Arc or Saladin, with the possibility to recruit them to your side, if you can afford it.

For now, we can’t say if Age of Empires: Castle Siege will be able to “destroy” Clash of Clans, but we are pretty sure that the fans of the latter title will try it out and maybe evn stick with it.

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