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MacBook Pro 2017 with Cannon Lake – News on Release Date


It seems that we won’t get to enjoy the MacBook Pro 2017 with Cannon Lake this year, and Intel suggests it will become available early in 2018.

Cannon Lake is Intel’s codename for the 10nm die shrink of the Kaby Lake. Cannon Lake is a whole new process in Intel’s strategy of process-architecture-optimization. During CES 2017, Intel has presented a laptop with Cannon Lake CPU and has made an announcement saying that Cannon Lake products will become available sometime this year. But it looks like this is not going to happen, so hold your horses, as you’re not going to be able to enjoy the MacBook Pro 2017 with Cannon Lake by the end of 2017.

Cannon Lake is supposed to be the suitable chip for MacBook Pro 2017 and also for the next iMac. But due to the delay in Cannon Lake shipments, we won’t get to see MacBook Pro 2017 with Cannon Lake. Even if Intel is trying its best to make the chips available till Christmas this does not depend on the company only. The president of Intel’s PC, IoT and Chip Desing business, Venkata Renduchintala, explained that it’s difficult to set an exact date regarding Cannon Lake’s release.

You can still get PCs with the 7th generation Kaby Lake processors, but don’t worry as you’ll soon be able to see PCs also running on Cannon Lake. It should be taken into consideration the fact that PC chips need extensive testing, and that’s why the chips may not reach the mainstream PC until next year. This also means that the iMac with Cannon Lake will too be available only in 2018.

Intel is working hard on new technologies and new architectures built on the already existing processes.

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