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Gboard 6.2 Version Comes with Latest Improvements and Fixes


Recently, Google released the version 6.2 beta for the Gboard keyboard. Obviously, the team prepares some new additions and interesting features for the app.

What’s new?

One of the most interesting additions is the floating keyboard. This lets you pop out the keyboard, move it around the display for you to be more comfortable when typing and also to resize it, depending on your preferences. You can enable this feature if you activate the one-handed mode from the settings menu. If you do so, you will also see a new button placed at the bottom left corner of the keyboard. The keyboard will pop out whenever you press it.

The downside to this is the fact that the space where the keyboard was previously will not reveal anything beneath it. As such, you will remain with a gray space at the bottom of the display, which is quite disturbing for the eye.

Besides the floating keyboard, there are also other additions, such as the editing toolbar. If you tap the G icon placed at the top left and you go to the text cursor symbol (the I-cursor), you will some keys that are targeted for editing. They let you move more swiftly to other parts of the text, without having to press the finger between letters. Moreover, it will allow you to select, cut or copy text as you wish. It’s not helpful when you message friends on WhatsApp, but it might be if you’re working with documents.

Last but not least, Google is now offering GIF suggestions on the Gboard. For example, if you type ‘hello’ and press enter, the keyboard will suggest you GIFs related to the ‘hello’. For now it doesn’t seem to support lots of phrases, and it doesn’t support slang, but it’s a good idea for the future.

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