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Best Gmail Tips to Use it in a Better Way


We all know that emails can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you have a deadline coming. They can really distract you from doing your job, and yet you can’t ignore them completely since you might miss something truly important. So how would it be best to handle your emails if you’re using the Gmail service? Let’s have a brief look over various solutions!

Handle? Handle!

Handle is in fact a extension made for Chrome that couples together lots of features that help you be more productive. In short, it does what it promises right from the title: it helps you handle your email better! Many times, people say about it that it represents the reason for which people who are using Google Inbox go back to Gmail.

Basically, it creates tasks and reminders with great ease, plus it merges them with your calendar in order to keep track of everything, no matter how busy your schedule is. Moreover, it has a neat interface that can be attached to the Gmail account.

Other features

Right from the start, you see that it is divided into useful features, such as To-Dos, Projects, Reminders, plus the possibility of adding reminders according to the location. All of them are quite easy to use, for instance you can add a To-Do by pressing T. You will see the pane popping up on your right side of the screen. At the bottom of the pane you will also discover several options: adding the due date, the reminder, plus sketching independent notes, depending on your needs.

Meanwhile, the Projects option resembles more some mini Handle folders that allow you to break down the tasks you have into smaller, easily manageable folders. You can also use a color code for the Projects, so that you can prioritize them better.

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