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Best 10 Antivirus Options for Windows in 2017


Discover 10 paid & free antivirus programs for protecting your computer.

Installing security software will protect your Windows PC or laptop from viruses and malware. Antivirus software will detect, prevent, disarm or remove malware or malicious programs.

Here’s a list of 10 antivirus programs, both paid and free.

  1. Bitdefender Total Security 2017

This is a security package for Windows, Mac OS and Android and it has a great reputation. The new release for this year has plenty of genuinely useful features.

You can buy it from BitDefender at $89,99.

  1. Norton Security Deluxe 2017

This product has the feel of Symantec’s exquisite next-gen business-oriented products. It benefits from its parent’s tech and cloud support, and it includes the SONAR Protection – detecting malware by examining apps’ behavior.

You can get it from Symantec for $89,99.

  1. Kaspersky Total Security 2017

Any suspicious files are sent to the cloud for testing, so it involves the experience of millions of users.

You can get it from Kaspersky Lab for $49,99.

  1. McAfee Total Protection 2017

One of its best features is the fact that it gives you unlimited installations.

You can get it from Intel for $79,99.

  1. ESET Internet Security 10

You can submit unknown files for analysis before running them and this is only one of its great features.

You can get it from ESET for $59,99.

  1. Trend Micro Internet Security

Its Data Theft Prevention facility stops hackers and spyware stealing data from your computer.

You can get it from Trend Micro for $79,95.

  1. AVG Ultimate

Using AVG ultimate, you can get a genuine next generation AI protection, great system tuning and unlimited installs.

You can get it from AVG for $89,99.

  1. Avast Premier

Avast Premier represents the flagship home antivirus solution being focused on identifying and destructing malware.

You can get it for $69,99.

  1. Avira Free Security Suite 2017

This free package is a very capable one, and it gives you lots of solutions for protecting your device.

You can get it from Avira.

  1. Panda Free Antivirus 2017

The program brings a novel feature – the Process Monitor – that gives you information about the nature of all processes and then it rates them as secure/insecure.

You can get it from Panda Security.

The programs we have presented in this list have minor differences between them, but it is critical that you install one of these as soon as possible.

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