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Nexus 5X and Google Pixel Devices Available With Android O Soon


Google’s next Android Update is placed under the magnifying glass for more news about the already confirmed features.

Android O is currently in the middle of a developer preview and you can also be a part of it, as long as you’re the owner of a Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P or Pixel C. This year’s big Android update continues its extended beta, and we’ll probably witness its full debut on the Google Pixel 2.

Check out the following already confirmed features that are available in the developer preview.

PIP mode (picture-in-picture)

This allows you to have one supported app remain on top of another. Even if it may seem a minor feature, this would improve your multitasking experience. The PiP setting appears in the first dev preview, but it doesn’t seem to work at an optimum level yet.

Restricted Background Activities

This feature saves power by de-prioritizing app functions that are running in the background. The result is going to be a much longer lasting battery.


As the first developer preview showed us, you can take action within the notification panel. Now it seems that users may have even greater power by toggling settings that usually require digging through menus. Such an update would make life much easier for users who are buried over their heads in notifications.

Adaptive app icons

The update introduces strict design guidelines for developers and this will result in craeting a more unified visual apps style. The new app icons are going to animate as a result to users’ interaction.

Boosted audio performance

The first Android phone to come with Bluetooth 5 will be the Samsung Galaxy S8. This technology is going to make the bandwith wider and it will also raise the speed limit of the wireless pipeline. The content will travel faster between your phone and your headphones and it will also have enhanced audio quality.

App icon badges

This will bring homescreen app icons at-glance notification number bubbles. Unfortunately, the feature didn’t seem to work properly in the first developer preview.

Stay tuned for more new features from future developer previews!

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