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Best Browser For Adobe Flash Player For iOS And Android Devices


People use different Internet browsers on their mobile phones. So, when it comes to content that requires Adobe Flash Player, users may have varied experiences. This should be possible, particularly on iOS and Android devices. Here are the best browsers that you can use to play Adobe Flash Player content.


Best Browsers for iOS Devices

  • PhotonAlthough Apple has not supported Flash content to play video, games, and some other content on the Web, you can use Photon as an alternative. You can do this by connecting your iOS device to a remote computer that is running Flash. You can then stream the desktop of that computer through the Safari browser that is built into the Apple device.
  • CloudBrowseCloudBrowse is an app that would be able to stream a remote desktop session towards your iPhone. Although it would require the users to subscribe in order to get unlimited sessions, there are 10-minute sessions offered for free that anyone can use. However, despite the fast browsing experience, it has a spotty output.
  • PuffinIt might not be a good experience for Apple device users to choose this option, but Puffin is not only intended for playing streaming content. In fact, Puffin provides fast browsing experience, that if you happen to be tired of using Safari.
  • iSwifter Games BrowserIf you love games or interactive applications directly from your browser, then iSwifter Games Browser should be a great addition to your device. It basically allows you to view Flash websites, videos, and other interactive Flash apps, such as MMORPGs, social media games, and casual Flash games.

Best Browsers for Android Devices

  • Boat BrowserIn terms of speed, Boat Browser is the kind of Internet browser you need. This is because you can fully customize this browser, as the locations of the buttons are readily accessible. Likewise, you can install some add-ons to convert your browser into a more powerful one.
  • Puffin Web Browser Aside from giving you Adobe Flash content support, Puffin Web Browser also gives you fast browsing experience. This browser also includes a smart virtual mouse technology bridging the gap between your desktop and mobile experience. The trackpad can also be activated via the virtual mouse, making it similar to the trackpad being used on your laptop computers.
  • xScope BrowserxScope Browser developers claim that it is designed for Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, and even on more powerful devices. In fact, it has been reported that it offers the best performance, particularly on Galaxy S III, Galaxy Nexus, One X, and Nexus 7. Moreover, the SwipeNav technology of this browser should enable users to navigate back and forth, with the easy swiping from right to left of the edges of the screen.
  • Photon BrowserIf you are still looking for a fast browser that doesn’t compromise your Flash Player plugin support and video streaming experience, then you can use Photon Flash Player. The good thing is that users can use this browser for Adobe Flash Player because it requires no downloads or installations of any Flash plugin.

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