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Skype For Business Makes It A More Profitable Option


Small business owners make it a priority to save some money. For this reason, it is one of their options to email most of their contacts, instead of calling them, so that they are able to save on the monthly bills. Nevertheless, it is essential to maintain a business process to get in touch with suppliers, clients, and prospects. For this reason, it would create an expensive phone bill.

This is the same reason, why most businesses opt to use Skype, as an option to meet with clients. In fact, there are already almost 30 million Skype users around the world. Business and home users are able to take advantage of its features, such as Skype-to-Skype, Skype-to-landline or mobile phone. Here are some of the main benefits when you would use Skype for business.

Easy to Use

Aside from being easy to install, Skype is also easy to setup and use right away. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface that anyone would find it comfortable to use, regardless of their knowledge in technology. In fact, you only need one tap of a button if you need to add contacts, place calls, or send instant messages.


Skype is free to use if you are only planning to use it to communicate to other Skype users. This is where you can have an online meeting with them via video conferencing using the free plan. However, huge conferences might not be supported by Skype, because you can only hold a video call on a single user at a time. No monthly fees are charged to your account unless you opt for a monthly plan.

You might as well save on your phone bill if you invite other users whom you need to call often to join Skype. Nevertheless, you can have an option to select a pay-as-you-go plan, charging you a tiny amount for such calls. You can even call international contacts as often as you like, which is a great alternative to your office phone.

Quality of Call

If you are establishing a small business, you need to opt for inexpensive services, but of high quality. In this case, Skype is an option that really delivers your needs. In fact, it provides crystal clear voice calls to other Skype users. Just make sure the other party has a good quality microphone and headset.

At the same time, calls that you make over landlines and mobile phones should get connected right away. Moreover, it doesn’t have problems like echoing or getting cut off. It might even feel that you are just talking to someone next to you.

Skype Anywhere

You can use Skype anywhere and from any device. So, whether you are on your tablet, office computer, or smartphone, you can bring Skype with you wherever you are in the world. As long as you have Internet connection, you can always make free or cheaper calls from virtually anywhere in the world. You can also take advantage of Skype for business, because you are able to take any calls even if you are away from your office desk.

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