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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gets Android Nougat Available for the unlocked


In general, people love unlocked phones because they are great and because they receive updates faster than other phones. This happens because carriers are not getting in the way. However, this wasn’t really the case for the Galaxy S7 series, which had to wait for a long time until finally receiving the update.

Which Carriers Pushed the Update?

At this point, all 4 main American carriers rolled out Android Nougat to this model. However, unlocked devices had to continue with Marshmallow up until now. If you are using an unlocked Galaxy S7 Edge in the United States, then you’ll be happy to know that Samsung is rolling out the latest update, despite being a little bit more complicated than the regular OTA method.

At the moment, Nougat can be installed on the S7 Edge only if you use the Smart Switch program provided by Samsung with the help of the Samsung US Forums. This will ask you to connect the phone to your computer and then to sideload the update manually, through the program. You will also get the security patch released on April 1st together with the OS update.


According to the official changelog, the update package includes the Android 7.0 Nougat, together with a new UX and several performance modes. People who tested out the new OS until now seem to be particularly excited about the Notification feature and the Quick Settings button. Another addition that boosts your productivity is the multiwindow feature, which allows you to use different apps at the same time.

Besides, the new update also comes with a better Settings menu and an AOD feature, which comes as an extra for the Samsung pass feature. The space for installing downloaded apps is more efficient, as well as the speed of the installation process and the system upgrade.

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