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Best Free Antivirus in 2017 – Make the Best Choice


There are lots of free antivirus options on the market nowadays, and the issue here is the fact that it’s hard to make a choice with all these options. Of course, besides the general type of software, there is also another type, which you use only once or twice, when you need to get rid of an annoying malware infestation. But today we’re going to have a look at some of the best free antivirus software in 2017 that offers ongoing protection.

  1. Avast Free Antivirus 2017

This is one of the most popular and successful free antivirus software on the market. One of the best advantages when choosing it is the fact that they offer lots of extra features. In comparison with other programs, here you can enjoy many features for free. Moreover, it comes complete with a password manager, a secure browser and a security scanner, as well as other tempting facilities. Even though Avast bought AVG, their rival company, in 2016, rest assured, there’s no plan to merge the two.

  1. AVG AntiVirus Free (2017)

Literally everybody needs to use some antivirus protection, regardless of the one included with Windows. The 2017 edition of the AVG antivirus looks a little bit different than the previous one, plus it comes with some new technologies. If last year we had an interface that looked just like AVG Zen, this year we see that the team didn’t change the color scheme, but took care of the rest (window panes, buttons etc.). If you also install te AVG Web TuneUp plug-in, you will see that it brings extra security features: Site Safety, blocking website tracking and browser cleaner.

  1. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition (2017)

This antivirus comes together with all the essential malware-fighting components of the paid edition of the Bitdefender. However, it doesn’t include lots of additional security features. Even though there was no update for years to this software, their latest version is compatible with Windows 10. The interface of the free version is extremely simple. It’s very good with blocking malware and with the anti-phishing feature. All in all, it’s one of the best options if you don’t want to pay for your protection.

  1. Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall 2017

Most people choose to protect their computer with a basic firewall setting and a plain antivirus. The ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus+ 2017 made by Check Point is great if you only need a simple and basic level of protection, without paying anything. The interface is really easy to use, even if you’re not computer savvy. It also comes together with a firewall (which is better than the one included with Windows) and it offers 5 GB space of online backup.

  1. Sophos Home

For a long while, the Sophos antivirus was dedicated to businesses. However, the recent launch of the Sophos Home product, which is free, brought it to the consumers too. Given its past, it offers some features you don’t usually find in the consumer antivirus. It even offers remote management, if you want to protect another machine.

  1. Avira Antivirus 2015

Founded back in 1986, Avira Antivirus is one of the most popular software of this type in the world. It is, of course, free, but the downside is that the real-time protection and the on-demand scan are just a little bit sluggish. The interface is quite nice and easy to use. The best part about it is that it also offers other Avira products which you can enjoy. Besides, you have many options when it comes to scanning your machine, so there’s plenty to choose from.

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