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Here is How You Can Download Google Play Store on an iOS Device


Devices running on iOS, such as iPhones, Macbooks and iPads have exclusive apps not found in Android devices. While these apps are great and entertaining, there are Android apps that are at par, if not better, than what the Apple App Store has to offer. The good news is, it is now possible to enjoy Play Store on your iPhone or iPad. Google Play Store now offers movies and TV apps which are compatible with devices with iOS.

Google Play Store is designed for Android devices and cannot be installed on iOS but Google services on iOS can be accessed via the Apple App Store. Instead of downloading Google Play Store, you can try getting Google Play movies & TV.

But you can also try to enjoy Google Play Store on your iPhone by having your device jailbroken. While some are skeptic about this, there is no harm in trying. That is, if you are willing to jailbreak your iPhone. After doing so, you can now go to a trusted website where you can download the app and install it on your iOS device.

What to Do After Downloading

Your next order of business is to install Bootlace and Cydia. After downloading both, you need to launch Cydia from the home screen. Next, click on the “Manage” button and select “Edit”. Tick on the section that says “Add”.

Next, enter the web address of Cydia, install it, followed by the Bootlace installation. After doing so, you can now run Bootlace. You also need to reboot your iOS device, open iBoot and have it installed via Bootlace. iDroid, the Android operating system that is designed for iPhone also needs to be installed. This can be done after installing iBoot and ticking the iDroid button located next to “Open iBoot”.

After the installation of iDroid, you can now reboot your device from your Android OS. Doing so will give you access to the apps in Google Play Store. Moreover, you can still reboot your phone using iOS any time you fancy.

For installing Google Play movies & TV, you can install it from the Apple App Store. Once done, you can now watch television shows and movies you have downloaded from Google Play Store. You can learn more about the latest Play Store version here.

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