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WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks for a Fulfilling Experience


WhatsApp was intended for use on a mobile device but the company behind the popular messaging app made it available on desktop computers to provide a richer communication experience for users. The computer-based extension is basically a mirror of the app – everything is synced between them: whatever is done on the web version will apply to the mobile version. Although both clients offer the same features, how can one make the experience a more fulfilling one while using a web client?

Use WiFi

The web client and the desktop app are mirrors of your activity on your mobile device. It’s important to take note of this fact because messages aren’t stored on WhatsApp’s services. In other words, the clients for the web and desktop will have to sync with your device. If you use data, this could lead to a very large consumption which isn’t too good if you’re on a budget. To avoid problems, always use WiFi when using the WhatsApp web client, especially on your phone.

You will also need your phone before being able to use the web version. WhatsApp on the web can be accessed by going to on the computer. You will then need to open WhatsApp on your phone, and there will be different instructions depending on the device you have. For instance, from the Chats screen, Android users need to go to Menu > WhatsApp Web while iPhone users need to go to Settings > WhatsApp Web. From there, you will need to scan the QR code on the computer using your phone.

Log out when you’re done

It’s understandable to not want to log out of online sessions because it’s tiring to keep typing passwords. These days, internet users are encouraged to use strong passwords to avoid getting hacked. It’s even advisable to use a different password for each service used on the net. With so many sites and services to use on the web, it can be frustrating to keep track of passwords – even with password managers available – so a lot just opt not to log out of whatever it was they were connected to. As convenient as this sounds, it is not safe to do so, especially in this age of constant web security issues. This also applies to WhatsApp Web.

If your computer is used by people other than yourself, it’s dangerous not to log out of a session because others can see your activity. It’s even more important to log out of a session when you’re using a public computer.

Drag and drop photos and videos to send

Although you can always to it the traditional way of clicking the Attachment icon, it’s so a lot easier to just drag and drop a file to send it. Sending a video has limits: you can only send files 16MB or smaller.

WhatsApp boasts of a billion member user base and with WhatsApp Web, they made communication more convenient for their audience. You can use these tips and tricks to enjoy the web client experience, but always make sure to implement security measures to avoid many of WhatsApp’s security flaws.

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