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Gmail Update Allows Users to Receive Up to 50MB Attachments


Although Google has a service called Drive which users can use to share files of any size, they have updated their mail service to allow users to receive attachments up to 50MB. With this update, users are able to get more files compared to before. Despite the change in receiving limits, the sending limit stays the same at 25MB.

In other words, users who may want to send files larger than 25MB will need to use services such as Drive or Dropbox. Drive is Google’s own product and it lets users share files up to 5TB. Then again, there are certain limitations as well:

  • documents – up to 50MB
  • spreadsheets – up to two million cells
  • presentations – up to 100MB

Drive also supports a wide range of file formats, including archive files (ZIP, RAR), audio formats (MP3, WAV), image files (GIF, JPEG), video files (MPEG4, MOV, AVI) as well as Adobe files and Microsoft files.

Alternatively, users can use cloud services like Dropbox is they need to send larger files. Just like Dropbox, the link to the shared document will be included in the email. Then again, if you’re using Gmail as your mail provider of choice then it might be best to stick within the family and use Drive for sharing large files.

The receiving limit update was rolled out in March so this should be available to users by now. The official G Suite Updates gave a rollout pace of one to three days so this should be in effect by this time.

Gmail is a top mail provider and is used by millions of people around the world for work and for personal use. The mail service has progressed over the years to offer a variety of useful features to make emailing a convenient experience for all. One of the brilliant things about Gmail is that you can use extensions like Handle for Chrome to better organize your inbox.

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