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Can You Still Update Past the 2016 Windows 10 Upgrade Deadline


Now that Windows 10 Creators Update is finally here, any hope to update to the basic version is completely lost. Or so, everyone thought.

When Windows 10 was rolled out in 2014, the deadline for an upgrade was set on 29 July 2016. It was meant to encourage people who preferred to stick with Windows 7 or 8 to move on and get 10. Unfortunately, not everyone was sold out on Windows 10, especially because it had some serious problems, including privacy and update concerns.

More, unfortunately, Windows 10 Creators Update is only available to PCs running the basic Windows 10 version, which leaves little hope for those who stuck to their guns and stood by Windows 7. Good thing Microsoft offered a workaround to anyone who missed the deadline, deliberately or otherwise, giving them an opportunity to take advantage of the free update. Otherwise, they would have to pay for a full license.

For a user to update to Windows 10 after the deadline, they must have a valid Windows 7 or 8.1 license. This is the only and most important requirement. So, if you’re running an invalid OS, your hope is likely to be out the window.

The free upgrade to the basic Windows 10, however, is not available for users running Windows RT, Windows Enterprise, and Windows 8.1 Enterprise, among others. So even with a window to upgrade to Windows 10, not everyone will be able to take advantage of it.

Many believe that the reason Microsoft has allowed a free upgrade past the deadline is to boost the response given to the latest Windows 10 Creators Update and to improve the experience of Windows-loyal users. Besides, if most Windows and Windows-enabled devices will run in Windows 10 in the coming months or years, it is likely that apps and software will be made specifically for the OS, leaving behind other older OS.

So check out the advantages the Windows 10 Creators Update has in store for you.

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