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Clash of Clans Update Latest Update and Game Events


Supercell surprises their fans both in a good and in a bad way. The good news is that we know for sure that we will be getting, but the bad news is that we will not see it in April.

Official Confirmation

Recently, the studio confirmed the massive update that is to come to Clash of Clans. The announcement was posted on the Facbeook page and it said that the update differs from any other that was released until now, being bigger and more special. At the same time, the team declared that they are not ready to release it yet, and that we will have to wait. There is just one week left of April, and chances are we are not getting the update soon enough.

Regarding the features, many speculate that among the additions to be integrated in the game we can count the shipwreck feature, together with some water-themed contents. Even though we don’t for sure whether we will be enjoying this, one thing is sure: the upcoming update will be impressive.

Game Events to Keep You Busy

While we are waiting for the update, the Supercell developer is keeping us busy with events related to the game. If in the beginning we had the Jump Spell Event, now we can take advantage of the Miners one. From Saturday midnight, players can take advantage of the impressive discount of 90% in the price of miners. However, the discount is for a limited time, so you should hurry up.

Clash of Clans is turning 5 this year, since it had the official release back in August 2012 for iOS and for Android it was in October 2013. Ever since then, it had reached global success and many people have become serious players. As such, the game has profits of millions of dollars every year.

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