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iPhone Browsers That Support Adobe Flash Player


As you probably know already, iPhones never supported Flash, which was a popular technology that once delivered video, games and other interactive experiences online. Even though nowadays people are not using Flash so much, there are still people who need to access games, websites or web apps that rely on Flash. For those, thankfully there are some browsers that can help you use Flash on iPhones and iPads.

Useful Apps

  1. Photon

Photon seems to be the best option on the market if you want to run Flash on your Apple device. It costs $3.99 and it’s quite easy to use. You just have to connect the phone to a remote computer that runs Flash and then stream the desktop with the Safari browser. The quality is not perfect, you can still see some pixels here and there, but for an occasional view it’s okay.

  1. CloudBrowse

This is another app that helps you stream your desktop session on your iPhone is CloudBrowse. You have to pat $2.99 in order to use it, and from what it looks like it aims to be used by corporate people. We are saying this because you also have the option of setting up a monthly subscription for $4.99 a month. It’s quite a fast app, but the video and audio parts can be kind of poor sometimes.

  1. Puffin

The quality of this app is not as good, but it can still be helpful when you need to view Flash. It costs $0.99, and the video playback is kind of like still images, rather than a movie. Many people reported that for them, the images and elements on websites did not work at all. However, it is quite fast and it offers other useful features, so you should consider it too.

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