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Creator Update for Windows 10 promises new changes for the OS


Windows 10 Creator Update has promised to bring to the table a great number of changes and overhauls to Microsoft’s OS and more recently, there has been a confirmation from Microsoft as to the paths of upgrade for the current Windows 10 running smartphones.

According to Microsoft’s Windows Blog, there is just a number of supported devices for the new Windows 10 Creator Update. What we know so far is that the ones which are compatible are the Trinity NuAns NEO, the MouseComputer MADOSMA Q601, VAIO Phone Biz, the SoftBank 503 LV, Alcate’s Idol 4S, OneTouch Fierce XL, the HP Elite X3 and the Microsoft Lumia 550, 640/640XL, 650, 950/950 XL phones.

This should not come as a surprise as most of the phones represented run Windows as their OS and they are some of the newest ones released. Therefore, continued support on these devices should be something expected.

PC users that have any variant of the Windows 10 OS will be receiving the Creators update. However, this cannot be said by smartphones which are running Windows. This is due to the threshold set by Microsoft in terms of the quality of the mobile devices that can support the new update. Most of the mid to low tier smartphones will not be compatible with this new update and will most likely be abandoned as far as support goes.

The result of this decision is targeted more on the former CEO of Microsoft who completely ignored the competition and focused on getting everything tied into Microsoft’s OS. His concept was that one operation system would be dominating the mobile market. To his dismay, Android has achieved this instead of Windows.

The current CEO has taken the strategy in a completely different direction and focused more on cloud services for their devices. This will be the area of the market where the new strategy will be placed into effect, and perhaps this time, Microsoft will be the ones sitting winning the competition for the best cloud service.

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