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Firefox Aurora Channel To be Closed – New Developer Ideas Coming


It seems that today (April 18, 2017) Mozilla will “kill” the Firefox Aurora Channel. We remind you that it was introduced back in April 2011 and that the company has decided that this program is not meeting their expectations anymore. This means that the company will release Firefox stable versions faster to users and developers.

We remind you that the Firefox Aurora channel was between the “Nightly” and “BETA” channels. We remind you that the Firefox development started with Nightly, which was consisted from the latest Firefox code that was packaged up every night for testers. After that it was followed by Aurora, which included everything that was “experimental” on this browser and, finally, the BETA version, which was released to the public.

However, from now on, the future Firefox builds will move from Nightly directly to BETA and then to STABLE version. At the same time, the “Firefox Developer Edition will now be based on the BETA channel instead of Aurora.

Mozilla assured that the developer edition users can keep their existing profile, tools, preferences and themes, and they will not experience any disruption. We remind you that the current channels are exactly like this:

  • Firefox 52 (STABLE);
  • Firefox 53 (BETA);
  • Firefox 54 (Aurora);
  • Firefox 55 (Nightly).

Today, code for Firefox 54 will move from Aurora to BETA (as usual), while the Firefox 55 will remain on Nightly for a second cycle in a row (14 weeks). Between April 2017 and June 2017, Firefox Aurora on Desktop (54) will keep getting updates for critical security issues, but at the same time, the Aurora and Developer Edition populations will be migrated to the BETA update channel. On the Android platform, Aurora users will migrate to Nightly.

According to Mozilla, the users who want to try experimental features will need to go to the Nightly channel, and the developers will get more stable builds in the Developer Edition. This means that everyone will see faster release cycles for platform features.

Do you think that Mozilla has made a good move by removing the Firefox Aurora channel?

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