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GTA 5 Online Update Available with New Leaks and Features


It seems that Rockstar has not managed to “hide” details about an update that will be released for GTA 5 sometime soon. According to rumors, The Duke O’Death will be available for all players.

To make things even worse for the Rockstar, it was the source of the new rumors, as a message has been posted on the official Twitter account of the company, but soon enough it was deleted.

The Duke O death is a “specialized” variant of the Dukes and it is currently available exclusively to players who have already played seventh console generation versions of the game. The Duke O’Death is a modified variant of the Dukes and it is based on the Dodge Charger from 1968-1970.

The car has the same body and chassis as the normal Dukes, but it also comes with custom roll cage, front bullbars, side exist exhausts, decreased ground clearance, protective armor plates and more.

According to the data miners, the Duke will arrive today (April 18, 2017), the usual day when GTA 5 Online updates are being released. Unfortunately, it is not sure if the new content drop will come with any new items, following the release of the “Land Grab Adversary Mode” that hit the game last week. The data miners have also found a file named “ADV_OVRT,” but it is not sure yet if it has anything to do with what’s about to come to the game.

Rockstar has not said anything about the removed “tweet” that it was posted on its official Twitter account, but we think that it is just a matter of hours until the company will be forced to give some details about what happened, because the fans will keep asking questions.

Do you think that a new GTA 5 update will be released today (April 18, 2017)?

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