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[Download] Chrome Dev APK 63.0.3236.6 Available with Better Android Experience


Tech savvy Android fans who enjoy using Chrome should be happy to know that they can enlist in a special beta program for the browser. We are talking about Chrome Dev which has been specially designed as a platform for developers to test out the browser’s latest updates. In fact, a new update recently arrived which brings Chrome Dev’s build number up to 63.0.3236.6.

Chrome Dev 63.0.3236.6

The new APK update is available for download right now and it contains a bunch of bug fixes. Even though this new update doesn’t include any groundbreaking features, it’s still quite important since it focuses more on software issues and bugs. Moreover, Chrome Dev users are advised to test out the browser to see how well it functions now that the new update is here and to send feedback to Google.

Chrome Dev Beta Testers

This developer edition of Chrome is available for anyone who wants to get access to all of Google’s latest updates ahead of everyone else. The reason why Google releases updates on this browser before it reaches the public version is because it wants to avoid any unnecessary issues. Therefore, the only thing that Google asks in exchange for Chrome Dev access is feedback.

Providing Google with Feedback

Feedback is necessary to ensure a good transition of the update to the public version of Chrome. As an example, let’s say that a Chrome Dev user finds out a bug that’s causing the browser to crash when he opens Incognito mode. If the user manages to replicate this crash, then all he needs to do is to report it to Google and wait for the bug to be fixed.

Better Android Experience

If there’s one thing about Google that everybody knows, that is that Google is always searching for new ways to enhance the already smooth Android experience. This is the sole reason why the Android parent is allowing everyone to use Chrome Dev. Nonetheless, it’s great seeing how much involved Google gets when it comes to new updates and fixes.

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