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Pokemon Go Dataminers Dig Out Two New Hoenn Based Generation 3 Pokemon


Niantic Labs is scheduled to introduce the highly anticipated Generation 3 Pokemon during the upcoming future and it looks some new creatures from the Hoenn region will be among the first ones to make an appearance. The game developer already published the APK (Android Package Kit) for its next update and tech savvy fans datamined two Hoenn based Pokemon.


The first Pokemon that the dataminers managed to find is Deoxys. This is a Mythical Pokemon that’s based in Hoenn. Moreover, Deoxys fits in the physic-type category and it comes with the following forms: Speed, Defense and Attack form.


The second Pokemon is Castform. What’s interesting about this one is that its heavily influenced by the current weather. Therefore, Castform changes in Normal, Sunny, Rainy and Snowy. This feature will make Castform quite an interesting pocket monster to own and it will be interesting to see how its powers change according to the weather.

Weather Condition Castform

Even though there aren’t any Pokemon which adapt to their weather conditions right now, this was to be expected from Generation 3 since it advertised this new feature a while ago. As an example, the Pokemon will turn into fire-type when its Sunny and it will change to ice-type when it starts Snowing.

The folks at The Slip Road who are responsible for the datamining stated the following in regard to this new weather affected Pokemon: “We may be as close as 1 client-side update away from Gen III, travelers. At any rate, we’re excited these updates are coming so closely together (only 4 days since the last APK mine)! I have a feeling it’s going to be a good month on the Road.”

With that being said, Pokemon Go fans should be getting ready to receive a new update during the upcoming month which is going feature a bunch of new playable pocket monsters.

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