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[Download] Sims FreePlay 5.33.3 Update with Halloween Themed Features


Sims is one of the most popular game franchises in the world. There are a bunch of PC and console installments, but what many might not know is that there’s also a free mobile edition of Sims. This mobile version of Sims is also being developed by EA (Electronic Arts) and it includes all the features from the PC and console edition.

Sims FreePlay Update

The mobile game is available on Android powered devices and it recently received a major update. The APK is available for download right now and it weighs in at 28.2MB. Moreover, the update is targeted towards Android 8.0 Oreo powered devices but it also runs on a minimum of Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread.

Halloween Themed Features

This major update brings Sims FreePlay’s version up to 5.33.3 build number and it contains a bunch of Halloween themed features. The developers behind this have accompanied this APK update with the following text: “Have a ghostly good time this Halloween!”. The reason why they are saying this is because Sims FreePlay now gives players the ability to enjoy the Ghost Flustered Seasonal Quests which help them unlock quirky colored body points and funny sleepwear.

Body Paint

One of the coolest features that this update brings is body paint. Sims FreePlay fans will be able to paint their character’s body in order to summon or to scare away ghosts. Things get even better since this new update also unlocks funny costumes such as Pumpkin Head and Frankenstein among many others.

Aerobics Hobby Event

Last but not least, we need to mention that Sims FreePlay fans will get the opportunity to participate in another Aerobics Hobby Event. This is an awesome interactive event that is filled with fun activities. However, the best thing about the Aerobics Hobby Event is the fact that it gives players an opportunity to win brand new activewear.

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