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[Download] Telegram v4.4 APK with Live Locations, Enhanced Media Player and New Languages Available


Telegram is WhatsApp’s biggest competitor and it even has a higher user in base than WhatsApp in certain foreign countries. The way in which Telegram is managing to slowly but surely overtake WhatsApp is by launching a constant stream of updates which more than often contain highly useful and innovative apps.

Telegram APK Version 4.4

One of the things that Telegram is known for is for always making sure to include at least one cool feature in its updates. Luckily for Telegram fans, the latest 4.4 version update is available for download right now and it contains a bunch of useful features. Moreover, the update is going to make an appearance in Google Play during the upcoming days, but eager Telegram fans can get it ahead of time by downloading the APK version of it.

Real-Time Location Sharing

The most interesting feature that’s included in this new update is the live location sharing. This feature is quite similar to Google’s location sharing in the Maps application. However, there is one difference between Telegram’s live sharing in comparison with Google Maps. Telegram gives users the ability to share their location in a chat for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. The location will be automatically deleted once the selected period is over.

Enhanced Media Player

Telegram fans should be happy to know that the messaging app’s integrated media player has been enhanced. The new update makes audio file sharing a much enjoyable process than before. Moreover, the integrated media player will be more reliable from now on and it will be able to play any audio file.

Group Chats and New Translations

Admin messages are going to be way easier to spot from now in group chats. This is great new since admin messages were quite difficult to see in highly populated groups. Moreover, the app is now available in the following translations: Russian, Ukrainian, Indonesian, French and Malay.

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