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Download WhatsApp APK for the Newest Android Update


It might be a bit too early to tell the next update to the Android mobile operating system. But it should be fair enough to determine if the WhatsApp APK you are going to download will be compatible with the upcoming Android updates.


Latest WhatsApp APK Version Compatibility with Android Update

Therefore, you need to determine if the most recent version of WhatsApp APK will be compatible with the upcoming Android version. Here are the things that you can get with the updated WhatsApp APK.

  • Playing videos can be done immediately without waiting for them to download. When the video is playing, you can still download it to your phone. Take note that this works on Android 4.1 or newer and this works only with videos being sent from the most recent version of Android.
  • Video calling feature is also available on WhatsApp. You can also chat with your family or friends using the face-to-face features. So wherever they are in the world, you can surely communicate with them, but certain data charges would apply.
  • Part of the update is that you can now send and receive any animated GIFs to and from your mobile device.

If you are going to use the most recent version of Android in 2018, then you should also have advanced features on your mobile device. Such would include the “WhatsApp Payments” feature, which is currently on the beta phase. Rest assured, this will be made available come the next iteration of the Android will be released for public use.

Download WhatsApp from Google Play Store

You might not be able to get the most recent version of WhatsApp APK from the Google Play Store alone. Thus, you have to find one that provides a free version of the app from a reliable website. You might as well get the app from the official WhatsApp site.

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