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These Browsers Will Let You View Flash Content On Your iOS and Android Devices


Each person has a preferred Internet browser installed on their phone, but that browser may or may not allow certain content to view because it needs Adobe Flash Player installed on it. This is very true of most Android and iOS smartphones and devices. If you want to view Adobe Flash Player content without any issues, there are several iOS and Android browsers for you to consider.


Ideal iOS Browsers For Viewing Flash Content

  • CloudBrowse – This app lets you stream from a remote desktop session to your iPhone. You can use the 10-minute free sessions, but you’ll need to subscribe for the unlimited ones. Although it’s fast, it’s spotty at best.
  • iSwifter Game Browser – This browser is for people who love any type of interactive applications that use Flash such as games, videos, websites, etc.

Ideal Android Browsers To View Flash Content

  • Boat Browser – When it comes to speed, this is the browser you want. It’s also fully customizable with readily-accessible buttons. You can include add-ons to make it an even better experience.
  • xScope Browser – According to its developers, this browser is geared for both the Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich operating the software. The best performance tends to occur on the Galaxy models Nexus, S III, Nexus 7 and One X. With its SwipeNav feature, users can navigate easily by swiping right to left on the edges of the screen.

Ideal Browsers That Both iOS and Android Users Can Use

  • Photon – This browser is usable on both iOS and Android devices. For iOS, you just need to connect the device to a remote computer that uses Flash. You’ll be able to stream the computer’s desktop using the Apple-installed browser Safari. As for Android models, this flash player comes with a plugin that offers both video streaming and support for users. There’s no need to download or install a Flash plugin to make this work.
  • Puffin – This browser is not worthwhile option for Apple device owners, but if you decide to go with it, know that it offers a fast browsing experience and is only good for playing streaming content. For Android devices, you also get a fast browsing experience, but it also comes installed with smart virtual mouse technology that connects your desktop to your mobile. You can also activate the trackpad through the virtual mouse, which makes it act like a laptop computer trackpad.

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