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Release teased for GBWhatsApp v6.40 by developers


GBWhatsApp is one of the most famous mods available for WhatsApp. It’s widely used by people running small businesses as well as by those with multiple SIM cards on a single device. GBWhatsApp allows you to do more than just install two independent versions of WhatsApp on your device.


GBWhatsApp Features

The mod features countless features and quality of life add-ons which enhance your WhatsApp experience. Some of they key features which we’ve highlighted before as well are simply priceless.

  • Automated replies to people who message you.
  • Being able to receive notifications when your contacts change their profile status or pictures.
  • The ability to put WhatsApp in a do not disturb (DND) mode which essentially cuts off the app’s connection to the internet.
  • Allowing you to save the “status” or “stories” of your contacts.
  • Being able to see your contacts’ status without them being notified about it.

These are just some of the additional features that GBWhatsApp provides. Perhaps one of the most important feature is being able to scroll to the top of a conversation without having to swipe endlessly. The mod also adds quite a lengthy list of features for group conversations. They mostly focus on being able to stay up to date in multiple groups without being overwhelmed.

GBWhatsApp Update v6.40

There hasn’t been an exact date but we can surely expect it to drop within a few days. Every update to the mod so far has been received positively by the community. Along with the fact that almost all updates by atnfas_hoak have been full of not just bug fixes and QoL changes, but also brand new features suggested by the community over time.

If you’d like to stay up to date on all the changes happening to GBWhatsApp then we suggest taking a look at their Official Google+ Community.

Downloading GBWhatsApp v6.40

When it comes to installing applications from third party sources, special care must be taken. Always check your sources before going through with the install. This is even more important when you’re planning on installing a mod of another application. When it comes to apps like GBWhatsApp, we suggest you go straight to the developer.

GBWhatsApp has two trustworthy sources, the first and most important of which is Has.007’s thread on XDA Developers. He’s got his own modified version of GBWhatsApp which is also kept up to date.

The second source for your information should be their Google+ Community linked above. It’ll provide you with fresh topics of discussion as well as links on the sidebar for download sources. In all honesty though, we’d just recommend you stick to the XDA Developers thread.

Let us know what features you’re looking forward to in GBWhatsApp, is there anything in particular you’ve always wanted but never wanted to suggest?

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