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Get to Know What’s New with GBWhatsApp Version 6.40!


GBWhatsApp has long been going beyond the limits of the overall user experience among all WhatsApp fans all over the world. It proved how developers love to broaden all the possibilities for an application.

The thing is, WhatsApp continues to be a favorite messaging app among millions of mobile users all over the world. However, it seems like users want it to be a little more than just a messaging app.

If you look at it, WhatsApp falls short on a few fun features. Themes, privacy options, and lock feature are just a few of them. Thankfully, GBWhatsApp is here to fill that gap.


What’s the Latest with GBWhatsApp?

Once again, GBWhatsApp 6.40 blows us away with these upcoming new features. Before the latest update comes around, here are some of the features that users have been enjoying so far:

  1. Keep two live accounts at once

GBWhatsApp version 6.40 allows users to keep two WhatsApp accounts in just one device. If this is something you’ve been looking for in a messaging app, then this is worth a try.

  1. Customize your look

Being able to change your icons, chat heads, chat colors, and background makes you look like a pro. GBWA allows users to do that and more. You can create your own theme for a more personalized feel. Isn’t that fun?

  1. New Privacy options

With GBWhatsApp version 6.40, users can enjoy privacy options like marking a message as unread and hide your “last seen” status. It also hides double and blue ticks and even your online status. You can go on a perfect stealth mode especially when you’re blocking out certain people.

  1. Secure your data

If you’re afraid of having your personal data stolen, GBWhatsApp’s latest version allows users to protect their data from identity theft. Users can trust that the app comes with a mod that doesn’t collect any data.


Great news for GBWhatsApp users! Their dev team have been working on upcoming updates and have been teasing them on their official Facebook page. To remain updated with upcoming announcements from the dev team, go and check out their page!

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