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Story Time: Gamers Share Their Ideas for Saints Row 5 Storyline


Thanks to the internet for its broader reach and wider platform, everyone has a stronger say in what goes into their favorite products. Video games are clearly an example as their respective loyal fandoms are passionate about speculating and suggesting the plot line for the next game release.

You’ll see these “stories” everywhere: message boards, websites, and social media. For instance, enthusiasts of video game Saints Row has come up with ideas for the upcoming fifth installment (Saints Row V, Saints Row 5, SR5). Do you agree with them or have some other ideas?


Saints Row: A Quick Backstory

Saints Row is one of the most successful game franchises, racking up 13 million sales as of 2013. It was also during this year that Saints Row IV was released.

The game centers on Third Street Saints – a gang that took on the name of their area. The

player character (PC) came to join the gang after the latter saved his/her life. From there, PC gets involved in a series of adventures, missions, and scuffles as the Saints take on rival gangs in the city of Stilwater.

Owing to its plot with themes of urban decay and violence, Saints Row has often been compared with Grand Theft Auto (GTA), which was released two years earlier. This rivalry figures in relevant discussions about either game, as noted below.

Still, Saints Row has added and received praise for elements that improved gameplay that is known to GTA players.

Possible Storyline for Saints Row V

As you know, the last Saints Row installment was released in 2013. That’s some five years, enough time for players to think of where the story will take, drawing inspiration from other video games.

At a Saints Row subreddit, the original poster (OP) started the ball rolling by suggesting that the player character be an independent contractor that is hired by local gangs and powers-that-be in the city to do some dirty work for them. As OP imagined, the player character won’t be identified with a single gang and instead have power, money, and benefits befitting his solo status.

Other ideas gleaned from the Reddit exchange are:

  1. The player character will operate solo along the lines of GTA and Fallout: New Vegas. This could mean no boss character to which the protagonist has been referred to in Saints Row.
  2. Gangs will have two cities (Stilwater and Steelport) to take over to add more story arcs.
  3. SR goes back to its roots of street thug life (interestingly, the Saints took on aliens in SR4) with SR5 opening to the player character waking up from a coma. SR5, the fans hoped, will continue with SR2 or SR3.

What fans expect from a Saints Row comeback

For all mixed views on what the Saints Row comeback will be like, fans probably will agree that it would be a mixture of everything that is good in the previous releases with an improved gameplay and an interesting yet realistic storyline.

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