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GBWhatsApp v. 6.40: Release Date, Teaser Features, and More!


By now, you must have heard about different modified WhatsApp software available in the market. These versions come with unique features that your regular WhatsApp doesn’t have.

After all, wouldn’t be great to be able to do more than just exchange messages and make voice and video calls to your loved ones? Thanks to these mod apps, these are made possible for users all over the world.

Among the greatest mods for WhatsApp is the GBWhatsApp. Today, it comes with new updates that are worth checking out. Let’s get to know more about it, shall we?


GBWhatsApp 6.40: Release date, anyone?

When the latest version for GBWA was released, fans enjoyed new and exciting features from the app. Well, new updates are coming your way. Are you ready for it?

GBWhatsApp version 6.40 was officially made public on April 2018. Since then, the app remains to be a crowd favorite. Fans will surely be delighted to know that Omar, the official developer for the app, teased a few new features for the upcoming update on their official Facebook page.

As for the official release date, fans are still speculating and awaiting official announcements from the devs. Despite the suspense, one thing is for sure: fans are very excited!

GBWhatsApp 6.40 Update: What’s in store?

Recently, GBWhatsApp 6.40 update teased by developers have added to the hype for its upcoming update. The app’s dev team started teasing of a new update they’re currently cooking up back on May 4.

Since then, they continued teasing new upcoming updates on their social media accounts. Keeping the suspense even higher, here are some of the teasers we’ve seen so far:

Locked Voice Recordings

Soon, users will be able to record voice chats without having to put their finger in a long way. It would surely add to the app’s ease of use.

Improved Auto-Reply feature

You will be able to customize your auto-reply setting in conversations with this new feature. Thanks to this update, you can now exclude contacts from seeing your message, especially in groups.

Final Release Date of GBWhatsApp 6.40

GBWhatsApp 6.40 will surely be an update you should not miss. It has now been released that the arrival of GBWhatsApp 6.40 will be on June 5th! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that to be a reality.

For you to keep up with the app’s teasers and official release date announcements, be sure to check out their official Facebook page!

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