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Forget That There’s No Fallout 5 Just Yet, Let’s Focus on Dogmeat


The release date of Fallout 5 is not to be missed and yet, there’s nothing yet for fans, except for Fallout 76. Speculations abound on whether this is the replacement of Fallout 5 or just a random installment that jumped two digits but it’s anyone’s guess.

What is gaining attention among Fallout enthusiasts is a favorite of the game franchise, Dogmeat. Yes, they have been sharing online how the popular dog character can be improved on as the quintessential sidekick to the player.


Dogmeat in Fallout

The character is a recurring one in the Fallout franchise. Per Wikipedia, players first met Dogmeat when the game was released in 1999. A cameo appearance followed in Fallout 2 with his reincarnations appearing in Fallout sequels 3 and 4.

First-time players of the above Fallout games should not be distracted by Dogmeat being just a pooch. He has proven time and again his combat skills and undying loyalty to the player character.

More than Just a Dog and Awww

Despite Dogmeat doing just great, some members of Fallout’s community on Reddit have higher hopes for the loveable character.

u/unwrittenZephyr, who was the thread starter, felt that the character is lacking in some aspects and that makes him underwhelming.

What I want from Dogmeat in Fallout 5. from r/Fallout

This prompted others to want Dogmeat to be like one in Fable 2, Half-Life 2, and Fallout: New Vegas. Other Redditors also dreamt of better features such that he can carry guns, shoot lasers from his eyes, or just simply not block the door.

Some users went even further as to ask for another dog, at least not named Dogmeat. One Redditor suggested that different breeds with different abilities will be introduced to the game. And while Dogmeat does not really speak, one user recommended that he’d be able to talk to the player in certain circumstances.

Are these too much to ask for Dogmeat? There’s still time for Fallout 5, right?

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