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An Open World Half-Life 3: Who Are Still Betting on It in 2018?


It has been a rumor that never went out of sight and mind among Half-Life enthusiasts. And they are hoping for this open world concept to be featured in Half-Life 3. What does an open-world Half-Life 3 look like for fans?


Project Borealis

Amidst rumors and speculations, certain fans have decided to develop a game out of a former Valve (creator of the Half-Life franchise) writer’s synopsis for Half-Life 3.

Now, this isn’t an official synopsis but that did not stop those modders from creating a project that they felt belong to the Half-Life universe and could very well be Half-Life 3.

Enter Project Borealis. The project dropped a teaser on what the unofficial sequel would look like in terms of animation, weaponry, and movement.

Open-World Half-Life 3

Open world gameplay allows players to roam freely in a virtual environment. Half-Life, on the other hand, hinges on a linear gameplay with an objective amid hallways, walls, etc.

While some fans reasoned why Half-Life should not venture into that path, other enthusiasts still hope for the game to be open-ended with ideas on how to go about it.

For instance, u/therealsoret posted on Half-Life’s subreddit saying that there must be a sequel with World War II as a backdrop, that is before the incident at Black Mesa Research Facility. It will be set in Italy with the players fighting against Nazis or anything.

Some who responded to the thread felt that the WWII setting would make it any other video games with such concept, like Wolfenstein, Day of Defeat, Day of Infamy, and Medal of Honor.

A Redditor intimated that the Half-Life world pre-Black Mesa Incident is no different from this world to which the original poster responded that Projekt Kaskade, which offers an alternative perspective to the Half-Life saga, could have been a good sequel. One Redditor did suggest that the infancy days of Black Mesa in the 70s as a basis for a prequel.

How is Half-Life 3 shaping up for you?

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