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Downloading Adobe Flash Player on Mac – What You Need to Know


Generally there seems to be an issue with downloading Adobe Flash Player for Mac, especially since the company has been having trouble with this product ever since the beginning. Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of the tech giant, stated right from the start that they are not going to use Adobe Flash for their devices and machines, switching instead to HTML5.

Issues and Problems

However, there are lots of problems when trying to use Adobe Flash player, even if there are some solutions. One of the problems, for example, that was signaled by a user on the community forum that there is a fake version circulating online. According to his post, Apple had to analyze his MacBook Pro after that. Upon asking for instructions on knowing the latest version and download the official one, another user advised him that he should check System Preferences/ Flash Player Installer. Of course, there is also the alternative of downloading it from the official Adobe website.

How to Keep Safe

But regardless of the program, you should never download software from a pop-up, for example. As much as possibly, try to download them from the official websites, since there can be no better source than the producer. Ads can be deceiving many times, and many malicious people use them in order to gain control over other people’s computers.

Another suggestion to take into account is the automatic updating option. It is highly recommended to set it to ‘notify me to install updates’ instead, so that you have more control over what is installed on your computer. Never go without using an antivirus software in order to ensure the best protection. Moreover, it is useful to install an ad blocker, and always pay attention to what you are installing.

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