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Microsoft Security Essential Finally Becomes Worthy Antivirus Software


Remember how we used to download all these antivirus programs to keep our computers safe many, many years ago? While such programs have progressed alongside technology and are still very much loved by worldwide PC and laptop users, it seems that Microsoft’s inbuilt antivirus software has also advanced and became a worthy opponent for longtime fan favorites such as Kaspersky, BitDefender and Norton.

The latest evaluation performed by AV-TEST, the German lab in charge of such research, shows that Microsoft’s free antivirus for Windows 7 and Windows Vista has become stronger and stronger in recent years, and is no longer merely better than having no antivirus at all. However, it’s true that Microsoft Security Essentials still isn’t the best option for securing your data from hackers and other malicious online threats.

Top Scores for MSE This Time Round

While in the past, Microsoft’s free antivirus software was always a bit of a joke in the tech community due to its poor protection abilities, now it seems that the tables have turned at last. According to the results of the most recent tests performed by AV-TEST, Microsoft Security Essentials managed to score quite a respectable 16.5 points out of a possible total of 18. The tests are devised in such a way as to have 6 as the highest grade in each category, and MSE managed to score 5 for Performance, 5.5 for Protection and a perfect score of 6 for Usability.

This is, without any trace of doubt, a very good score, especially when considering that the software is free. However, if you want the best protection out there, you still have to pay for it in the form of antivirus programs developed by either Kaspersky, Norton or BitDefender. But if you don’t have the money to spend on that right now, at least MSE is now a pretty viable option.

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