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Earth Pro: A Successful Fusion Between Google Earth and Google Earth Pro


Google Earth has been released for the first time back in 2001, 16 years ago, and since then it has progressed tremendously. Nowadays, the famous computer program released by Google renders a 3D representation for Planet Earth, which is accurate since it is based on satellite imagery. Together with the maps program, Google Earth is one of the most popular services offered by Google.

Google Earth and Google Pro

Earth Google is a mix between Google Earth and Google Earth Pro. Google Earth Pro was originally intended to become the business update of Google Earth with bonus features such as a movie maker or a data importer. The merger between the two is known as Earth Pro. The tools of Earth Pro are free and better. The most recent version of the Earth Pro software, version 9 has been released for the Chrome search engine back in April. The new version included a Voyager feature, which is used to see guided tours of cities and places.

The use of the Pro version of Google Earth

The new version for Desktop is used for creating and viewing maps on PC, Mac and Linux. It is also used for its Movie Maker to produce media collateral.

Users also choose Go Pro to compute areas and certain distanced by using the program’s measurement tools; it is also used to visualize and manipulate GIS data and travel back in time using historical imagery.

General improvements are the high-resolution displays, better security and performance when making movies. The Movie Maker tool has been updated for other new video formats. A Web Inspector tool has also been added as a bonus for KML balloons (an international standard file format used by the OGC). The KML format allows users to display geographic data in apps.

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