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Adobe Flash Player Download Available for Chrome


Adobe has already announced that it will end the Flash Player cycle, but will continue to provide updates for a while. Since Flash Player is so very popular, many people are not ready yet to say goodbye to it. As always, Adobe is interested in customer experience and satisfaction and therefore has decided to release a new update intended to fix bugs and vulnerabilities.

Flash Player Update for Chrome

Updating a browser is vital since it is generally done to address issues involving speed, security and others. To force Chrome to update its Flash Player can be done by entering a certain link into the browser address bar: chrome://components. After the link is introduced into the address bar, the next step is to look for Adobe Flash Player on the list. Afterwards the next step is to clock on Check for Update and perform the downloading operation. Of course it is important that your Chrome version is up to date. Also, PC operating Windows XP might have difficulties in updating Chrome, and thus difficulties in updating Flash Player. An outdated Flash Player is found on PC’s running Chrome OS 55.0.2883.105.

Adobe will put an end to Flash Player

As previously announce Adobe will phase out Flash Player by 2020 and in the next coming years, it will no longer be supported by several platforms. The decision has been taken due to the many vulnerabilities and bug issues involving Flash Player. Malware infection has been pretty bad in the last years, even though Adobe released updates to overcome these issues. Flash Player was at first developed by Macromedia and distributed by Adobe Systems.

Some of the things people criticized Flash Player were its performance, battery consumption on smartphones, security vulnerabilities and the fact that it is a closed platform

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