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Minecraft: How To Fix The Chat Issue


More and more Windows users are now playing Minecraft on their computers. Even if the game is 6 years old, it seems that the players always find something to do in this game.

Today we will not talk about how awesome a game like Minecraft is, but instead we will talk about an issue that many PC gamers are facing while playing this game. According to reports, there are players who can’t chat with others in Minecraft. Well, today we will tell you how you can fix this issue so that you can chat with your friends from this popular game.

Can’t Chat In Minecraft Issue: What’s Causing It?

The “Can’t Chat in Minecraft” issue is actually caused by the default settings that the game comes with. In other words, the default settings from the “Minecraft” multiplayer section are not allowing you to chat in this game. That being said, you are able to write commands, but you are not able to interact with other players through text chat.

Can’t Chat In Minecraft Issue: How To Fix

In order to fix the “Can’t chat in Minecraft” issue you will just need to head to the game’s Options->Chat Settings and change the settings from “Command Only” to “Shown.” After completing this simple task, you will be able to start chatting with others players from Minecraft.

However, in case the chat doesn’t function after completing the mentioned task, you will just need to restart the game. After restarting the game, we can guarantee you that the chat feature will work without any problems.

Are you playing Minecraft on your computer? Tell us what new features you would like to see being added to this popular game!

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