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Google Backup And Sync will Replace Google Drive for PC and Mac


Google Drive for Mac/PC will be gone soon. Soon you will get message notifications that will announce you about the upcoming end of Google Drive. Starting December 11, these apps will slowly be eliminated and in March 2018 they will be gone for good.

Google Backup and Sync will take their place

The death of the Google Drive apps may sound serious and you are probably a bit worried, but you do not have to. While these apps will disappear, Google will release a brand new app that will take their place. The new app is named Google Backup and Sync and you can use it for both photos and files instead of having to use two different apps. With the upcoming app you can sync what you want from USB keys, PC folders and SD cards.

Additionally, Google Backup and Sync will improve PC backups, making them a process that is more automated.

Drive File Stream will be the new Google Drive for companies

If you own a business or you work for a company you have to know that Google also prepared something for you. An application called Drive File Stream will be ideal for a company. Also, this app is better for teamwork and you can use it to access Team Drives or to stream files on demand. Besides these special features, Drive File Stream can do anything that Backup and Sync can do, you it is very convenient for your business.

Drive File Stream appeared back in March, but it was not available for everyone. The application had a limited release and only a few users were able to get it. However, now it is available for everyone so you can already move you files.

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