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Facebook Messenger Group Payments – How to do it?


In the beginning of 2015, Facebook introduced the person-to-person type of payments. Today, they also announced that the feature is now expanding to support groups too, which can only make people glad. This feature basically works in the same way both in group chats and private ones. The difference is the fact that users can choose to pay either individual members or the entire group by simply pressing the dollar sign in the chat.

How do you do it?

You can select the payment icon after you click first on the small plus sign found on the bottom left side of the conversation. Here you can find other interesting features too, such as location sharing, games, requesting rides and other great things which aren’t used as much. The user interface also suffered some changes, together with the arrival of the new Messenger assistant, M., in the beginning of this month.

Facebook says that the new addition is going to be useful for groups where people want to chip in for a gift, splitting a bill or purchasing something together. Nowadays people tend to use other independent payment services for these small purchases, such as Venmo, Square Cash or PayPal.

Besides sending payments to the rest of the group members, you can also request them from the group in the chat. If you want to do so, you have to enter the amount you ask from each person or the entire sum that has to be divided among the people. You also have the option of including yourself in the calculation or not. Facebook introduced the option of adding a note about the purpose of the money and then it allows you to click on Request in order to send it in the group conversation.

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