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GTA 5 Online Gun Runner DLC Will Come This Summer


Even though many avid Grand Theft Auto players are already excited over the potential launch of Grand Theft Auto 6, the truth is that Grand Theft Auto 5 is still very much alive and kicking, especially in its online variant. Rockstar constantly aims to spoil its players with new updates, and even an all new DLC coming this summer. In fact, this spring and summer are shaping out to be very prolific months for GTA 5 Online, especially when GTA 6 is so far away, and it’s not even sure it will launch actually.

Final DLC for GTA 5 Online

The Gun Runner DLC is set to be the final expansion GTA 5 Online will receive. However, seeing as many other updates are also in the works and will soon be released, this is by no means sad news for anyone. Not only will rockstar bring GTA 3 fan favorites like the Turismo Classicback into rotation, it will also provide players with Top Down and Resurrection features as well.

The new expansion will come to PlayStations, Xbox One and PCs worldwide along with a whole lot of new features such as weaponized vehicles and new missions, among many others. This seems to be Rockstar’s attempt to keep players interested in Grand Theft Auto 5 and calm down rumors surrounding a Grand Theft Auto 6 launch. We don’t know why they’re doing this, but maybe they just want to work on new projects without worrying about leaks.

Or, who knows, maybe there’s no GTA 6 at all, much to the disappointment of players across the globe. Only time will tell what else Rockstar has prepared for us. Until then, enjoy the new DLC and other amazing features and update coming this spring and summer season.

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