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iMac 2017 New Features Will Include VR Support, New Keyboard and Better Processor


While many were expecting the iMac to receive an update last year, that didn’t happen, and left many fans disappointed. However, the beloved all-in-one desktop produced by the Cupertino giant will receive a well-deserved revamping in 2017. Naturally, many excited iMac enthusiasts took to the Internet to speculate on the upcoming release’s specs and such. Here’s what we know so far.

VR Support, New Keyboard, Better Processor and More

Perhaps the most exciting new addition to be received by the iMac 2017 is its new, server-grade processor. The desktop is rumored to sport an Intel Xeon processor, the E301285 v6 variant to be more specific. The processor will run on 16GB of RAM, which is the minimum required by the device’s system. And, on top of that, the iMac’s NVMe storage will be amped up to 2TB, and it will be much, much faster.

The iMac 2017 is also rumored to have integrated virtual reality support. Naturally, this implies that the GPU will be at least an AMD Radeon R9 290X, and will most likely be pushed so far as 390X actually. Another expected development that will be added to the iMac 2017 is Touch Bar support for the device’s notorious Magic Keyboard. Many seem to believe this will most likely happen in 2017.

Naturally, all these rumors are to be taken with a grain of salt, because at this point that’s all they are: rumors. Apple hasn’t released any sort of official statement on the matter, so we don’t actually know for sure what the iMac 2017 will have and what it won’t. However, many people that have followed the company’s patterns of progress speculate on new launches, and let’s be honest, they are right sometimes.

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